Optimization of mechanical, thermo-mechanical, melt-flow and thermal performance of TPU green composites by diatomaceous earth content      
Fatma Küçük
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Sedef ŞİŞMANOĞLU
Karabük Üniversitesi, Türkiye
Doç. Dr. Yasin KANBUR
Karabük Üniversitesi, Türkiye
Ümit Tayfun
In the present paper the effect of the diatomite, also known as diatomaceous earth and kiesel guhr (KG), content on mechanical, thermo-mechanical, melt-flow and thermal performance of thermoplastic polyurethane-based composites was investigated. Composites were fabricated by melt blending method with 10, 20, 30 and 40% filling ratios of KG. and injection molded test samples were characterized using tensile, hardness, dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), melt flow index (MFI), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis. According to test results, KG inclusions effect mechanical, thermal and morphological properties of composites positively up to 30% KG content. Further addition of KG caused remarkable reductions in related properties. Tensile strength of unfilled TPU exhibited increasing trend and elongation showed no obvious difference after KG loadings. TPU/KG composites yield relatively higher MFI values with respect to unfilled TPU. Glass transition temperature of TPU shifted to 6 points higher value by the help of KG incorporation. TGA findings revealed that KG additions caused improvement for thermal stability of TPU. Homogeneous dispersion of KG particles for their lower content, whereas agglomorate formations for higher loading level of KG were confirmed by SEM micrographs. TPU composite containing 10% KG showed the highest results among samples.
Anahtar Kelimeler
Thermoplastic polyurethane,Diatomite,Melt mixing,Polymer composites,Thermal properties
Makale Türü Özgün Makale
Makale Alt Türü SCOPUS dergilerinde yayımlanan tam makale
Dergi Adı Cleaner Engineering and Technology
Dergi ISSN 2666-7908
Dergi Tarandığı Indeksler Scopus
Makale Dili İngilizce
Basım Tarihi 10-2021
Cilt No 4
Sayfalar 100251 /
Doi Numarası 10.1016/j.clet.2021.100251
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